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Have your brochures, catalogs and flyers be professionally translated

Make your catalog be your best product

Customers love catalogs! Increase your customer reach and market visibility by having your company’s catalogs, brochures, and product descriptions translated into different languages.

Inspire your customers with a new catalog! In addition, this should be available in print version as well as electronically. This will also boost your sales: How to make your best seller product even better.

Whether brochures, flyers or press releases – marketing texts present the translator with special challenges and can not be compared with translations from conventional texts.

Translation and layout editing of your flyers, catalogs and brochures

The PDF file is originally a Word document

For the preparation of the quotation the .pdf format is sufficient. However, if the order is placed, we kindly ask you to provide us with the editable document, for example a Word file.

Indesign – Documents edited with graphical software

We also gladly take over the graphic processing of your documents. Should our graphic designers for example do a layout editing (desktop publishing) of an InDesign document, please send us the .indd file. A final price calculation is different from project to project: either you receive a package offer from us or we charge you 35 EUR net per hour for our graphic design work.

Your files can be conveniently saved and printed as the following file types:

.pdf file: Standard format for documents that are displayed the same on all devices, regardless of the method of creation, operating system and hardware. This format is ideal for downloadable and cross-device content as well as printable final versions.



.indd file: Creation of printed documents, for example: flyers, brochures, booklets, magazines, up to more complex books. Our graphic designers can carry out complex editing tasks to ready-to-print PDF format.




.svg file: Scalable vector graphics, ideal for logos, which can be sharp in small icons as well as on large posters.




.xml file: Extensible markup language, good basic format for creating different forms of presentation of your media, e.g. online hypertext.

Digital catalog as PDF

The basis for every catalog is an electronic document, which was often created with programs like InDesign.

Your advantages:

»Possibility to update quickly

»Interactive and dynamic design

»Also popular on a company website

Printed catalog

We understand the importance of a well thought-out corporate image for a company and we have the resources to handle the graphic processing as well.


When translating catalogs we focus on the following points:

»The user guide

»Direct comparison option

»Uncomplicated use

»Confidentiality of the information

»Quick overview of the offered assortment

»The desired products can be found easily

Printed and digitally available brochures are very important in multi-channel marketing for generating many of your brand’s contact points with the customer. Your customers can sit comfortably at home with tea or coffee in their armchairs and browse through their catalog, receive it on-the-go on their phone through newsletters, the latest offers or personally in your store flyers and brochures.

The following brochure and catalog translation projects were recently carried out by the Linguarum team:

We provide translation quality assurance to our customers for all our translations.

»In-house magazine translation: 46 word files from German into Spanish

»Installation instructions and catalog translation for kitchen grills

»Product Catalog and Mock-Up – translation from French into German, delivered in an edited and ready-to-print format

»A Tourist Guide into Chinese, incl. desktop publishing (InDesign)

»Advertising campaign in English: posters, flyers and documentations, altogether more than 42,000 words from German into English

»Brochure and Advertising Text translations from French into German, 7401 words

»Flip Catalog translation (without DTP) for sanitary products


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